NZ at Home

Interior Design Service

It all started with our home staging customers loving the NZ at Home ‘look’… Most of our customers tell us that the old place looks so great that they don’t want to leave, so it is nice to be able to carry the relationship onto their new house!

Operating in conjunction with both our home staging business and showroom, our Interior designers are able to give great advice from choosing the perfect paint colours, curtains or furniture down to the finishing little touches.
We consider ourselves to be very budget conscious and are able to option our ex display furniture enabling customers to start with fantastic furniture at a reduced costs.
Also working widely with local manufacturers we have many happy customers proudly displaying their NZ made custom pieces.
Services include
·         Colour consultation
·         Fixtures and fittings consultation
·         Soft furnishings
·         Curtains & blinds
·         Furniture selection
·         Accessories and grouping
·         Art advice
·         For both new and existing properties
All of our interior designers are professionally trained with many years experience.